Auntie needs to find a gift!

I’ve been trying to plan my gift purchase for when the Pitt/Jolie clan finally manages to birth the mesiah.  Of course, we all know that money is tight all around, so a silver plated bust of myself is out of the question.  I’m sure those kids get every last thing they could ever want, and FAO Shwartz most likely makes weekly deliveries to the villa.  But I want to make sure the next Maddox/Zaharrah/Shiloh/Maddox/Pax/Knox/Vivienne/Jesus has something very memorable to keep their Auntie TwoDolla in mind. I know that if your child loves batman you can probably give them something related to batman, but in this case it is hard since it is a new born.

To make sure that I get my gift in before anyone else, I think I may send a gift certificate for cord blood banking as soon as possible so that it arrives before Angie gets her two blue lines.  It seems Cyro-Cell has some pretty spectacular current offers. Doesn’t seem like it is too creepy of a gift idea for a woman who used to carry her boyfriend’s blood in a vial around her neck, does it?

From the looks of the website though, cord blood banking doesn’t look like that horrible an idea.  It can be used in the future by the kid to treat any number of diseases.  But with the perfect genetic makeup of any biological offspring of Pitt/Jolie, I doubt they’ll ever need it.

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