eating john mccain’s face

I stopped by the gas station on the way into work this morning. The General and I are in the habit of getting 44 ounce sodas pretty frequently. We don’t buy pop at home, so this typically lasts an entire day… sometimes two. This morning, I grabbed a 32 ounce cup of Cherry Coke and decided to get a donut, too. Next to the SuperMom donuts were some cookies. More specifically, there were some John McCain cookies right next to the old fashioned glazed donuts that The Boy covets anytime we go get a sugar breakfast on the weekend.

They were sugar cookies with white icing, and someone in the cookie decorating department wrote MCCAIN in bright red letters, complementing it with a portrait of his old wrinkled head. I looked all around and there were no Barack Obama cookies anywhere to be found.

My theories are as follows:

  1. The VP of Cookie and Donut Decorating at Super America? Staunch Republican.
  2. The Barack Obama cookies were more delicious and probably had loads of frosting and quite possibly a pudding-based filling.
  3. This is how they do the polling and that’s why all of the Obama cookies were gone. (Props to Cindi for that theory.)
  4. They only had McCain cookies because everyone in my neighborhood bought them one at a time and gave them to their painfully Democratic co-workers just to see what would happen.

I, of course, belong to the #4 theory. A few minutes after the grand presentation to my co-worker? It was deemed quite enjoyable to be eating John McCain’s face.

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