little boy fashion show

We had our mission of shopping for 11 year old boy clothes last night and the three of us were happy with the results. The Boy tried everything from maquillage pas cher last night and all was well in the Target-purchased fashion world in our living room. Then we all settled down to watch America’s Next Top Model. We believe in high quality television after an evening of retail shopping and a dinner of McDonald’s. The Boy had watched it the night before while The General was at choir practice and I was being all depressed and emo during a nap, but he was willing to watch it again. Because he loves it.

The General and I are painfully critical of all of the models, and make fun of the Cover Girl commercials that feature the “plus size” winner of last season, especially since all of the commercials start out with her in the KITCHEN. Afterwards, we all went to bed.

Then, we woke up this morning, and The Boy needed to get ready for his field trip to the orchestra. He put on his new fancy pants outfit and we demanded

LITTLE BOY FASHION SHOW. He gave us high fashion poses:
High Fashion Boy
He was imitating Marjorie’s Hunchback of Notre Dame pose from week’s episode. If anyone knows of a modeling agency that needs high fashion pre-teen models or if a new reality show called America’s Next Top Junior High Male Model, someone give us a call. The Boy, who I also call Mr. Cracken from time to time, is ready to pack his bags and audition.

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