some things of little to no value

  1. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream should possibly be outlawed. Just because our favorite grocery store had it on sale doesn’t mean we should have spent more money on ice cream than we did on fixin’s for chicken tacos.
  2. Chicken tacos are a delicious idea, but when you put the chicken breasts in the food processor, it gets kind of scary. Almost like chicken paste, which is about as appetizing as it sounds. But, you know, the pint of ice cream seemed to make me forget about it.
  3. When did Old Navy start really sucking? We tried to find The Boy a cute little handsome outfit to wear to his school’s trip to the orchestra tomorrow and Old Navy seemed like a logical place to start. Except the only thing they had in the way of handsome clothes was some type of black and gray herringbone print sweater that costs $24 or something ridiculous you don’t want to spend on a sweater for an 11 year old that really just wants to wear t-shirts all the time.
  4. When did Old Navy start really, really sucking? Like, I used to be able to pull off some nice sweaters from the men’s department (since they stopped carrying the Tubby Lady department in the stores), but now they’ve all morphed into horizontally striped hoodies, which wasn’t so conducive to the business casual look.
  5. We found a handsome boy outfit at Target, complete with khaki pants, a button up shirt, and a blue sweater vest for under $30. The Boy will quite possibly be the most handsomest boy in all the orchestra tomorrow, even if he does want to slick his hair off to the sides like Howdy Doody.


  1. You can buy these things called “knives”. You really just need one. Whack it repeatedly against the chicken. I mean, unless you like chicken paste.

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