it makes it a little more tolerable

Every year I think about and heavily consider participating in NaNoWrimo, but then I realize the only thing I could write that many words about would be myself. Or my dog. Or more recently, my job, because, holy crap, do I have some terrific job stories that I always want to write all about. Then I realize I love my job and sharing those stories online doesn’t ever seem like a risk I want to take.

This 50,000 words in a month translates into a lot of typing – typing which takes up the time I like spending laying on the couching watching CSI: Miami reruns every night of the week. As much as I love my PC, I don’t really love it enough to ignore The General, the two dogs and the occasional 11 year old boy that tend to roam around this apartment from time to time.

I took Dragon’s typing speed test! and wound up with these results:

And if that percentage is accurate, I’d totally entertain the thought of using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for NaNoWrimo. I just wonder how many times the word “um” or “like” would show up. Reading through the different Dragon Reviews makes it sound like a pretty reasonable solution should I hit my head and decide to participate in the month long, page-filling writing fest.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred

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  1. brettbum

    You can train it to ignore ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ kind of like a macro that hears it and leaves it blank.

    that said after using it for a long time, you will actually find that you start thinking and talking a little more concisely. :)

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