treats of champions

Last week, my team at work did something really great. Without going into details (because, you know, I’m so anonymous and shit), I can say that we doubled some expectations that were loosely set for us. As a reward, the President promised there would be treats the next day. And somehow, I was appointed (by the President) to ask about said treats if I didn’t see them first thing in the morning.

Well, I didn’t see them, and I also didn’t remember to remind anyone about them.  I’m thinking the team can go without a bag of M&Ms or mini Butterfinger bars… or at least I knew I could. The afternoon rolls around in walks the President from a shopping spree. Out of at least four plastic shopping bags come the following:

  • Cool Ranch Doritos
  • Double Stuff Oreos
  • a large bag of peanuts (in the shell)
  • Twizzlers
  • Old Dutch Pretzels
  • Fisher’s Pizza Balls
  • bite size Snickers
  • Sour Skittles
  • Chicken in a Biskit (oh, I spelled that right)
  • Strawberry and cream swirly hard candies

And I know there are more that I just can’t think of.

I’m not talking little tiny one serving bags (or boxes depending) of this stuff. I’m talking, this lady went to the grocery story and probably said to the bagging boy, “Go find me the most ghetto-like snacks you can possibly think of and super size them for me while you’re at it”.

The pay may not be where I was at my last job, but I never got Chicken in a Biskit at my last job either.

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