more of an implosion, i guess

Back about seven or eight years ago, there was the diet pill out on the market that was later banned… probably because someone’s heart exploded from taking it, if I had to guess. My friend Angie and I worked together at the time, so we were taking this pill. I mean, why not? You could buy it in the store, so surely it was okay. We didn’t know about any FDA warnings and if we did, we were certain they would really apply to us… especially when we were washing down our daily dose of this stuff with Mountain Dew. Long story short, we stopped popping these horse pill replicas shortly after we read about someone dying from them. We were smart like that.

Ever since then, I’ve never really had the desire to pick up a bottle of pills with the intent of losing weight by them. Are there safe diet pills out there? I’m sure there are and I’m sure they work just fine for some people, especially those people that can remember to take a pill. We have daily vitamins, iron, and flax seed oil, if I remember. And I can’t even remember the last time I’ve taken any of those. Now ideally, those would be perfect supplements to A) getting healthy and B) losing weight as a result of being healthier, but someone (namely) me can’t take the pills on a regular basis for the life of me. Look for low dose DHEA supplements that can give your body time to acclimate, and then gradually increase the amount over several months.

One thing hasn’t changed. I’d still probably wash down a handful of pills with Mountain Dew, given the chance.

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