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A few weeks ago, I made a horrible attempt at trying to talk two more people into joining The General and I in the same bowling league that Matt and Jenni joined this year. I failed miserably, but for the past two weeks, I’ve been filling in people that have been out for whatever reason. Prior to that, I think the last time I’d bowled was my birthday back in March.

I’ve always thought joining a bowling league would be a good idea. I love bowling a lot; I’m just sort of horrible at it. Or maybe just not as good as I wish I was.

Each week, in this league, you bowl three games, and also get pizza and beer, for $13. Good deal, right? And I’d actually pay $13/week just to observe all the a-holes that are also in this league.

My scores have looked like the following:

Week 1: 96, 79, and 141 (average of 105)
Week 2:
116, 123, and 103 (average of 114)

So I’m improving! And also, why the hell do I not get the full concept of bowling? Is it really that hard??


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