my 90 day review

I had my 90 day review last Monday. My 90 Day Anniversary was actually July 30th, so we were running a tad behind before I sat down with the President (I don’t have a direct supervisor anymore) and chatted about my time there. It lasted close to two hours, but when talking with the President, time seems to really sail by without even noticing you’ve been in there for all that long. I think that’s good.

Without trying to sound a tad too egotistical (but I will anyway), I’m really good at my job. April 30 was the first day I’d ever had any type of experience in this position and it’s the most natural fit of any position I’ve ever had in my life. (Work related, of course.) I was hired on without a college degree and without a single day of experience in the field, but I feel like I’ve proven myself and continue proving myself.

I got a print out from the President of my strengths and “areas of improvement”, which I’ll share, because I’m proud of them and they only do so much good hanging from the refridgerator by four Vegas poker chips I turned into magnets:

1. Natural leadership qualities
2. Intelligence
3. Retention and recall
4. Customer service skills; relationships
5. Willingness to jump in and learn new things

Areas for Improvement
1. Urgency and prioritization
2. Assessing candidates (finding the detail)
3. Professionalism
4. Using your leadership to take the group in a positive direction/promote urgency

At one point, the President mentioned coming down too hard on me for someone that had only been there 4 months or so, but it wasn’t like any of it was bad at all. I just think it was a way of saying I’m being held to higher expectations, and in this instance, I appreciate it.

There’s not much else to say except I love my job so much, dudes. If there was ever a natural fit for me in a position, this would be it and I only wish I didn’t have to wait until I was 30 to find it!

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