about my boobies

I have some big sweater puppies. Or fun bags. Or whatever you want to call them. But it’s true. They’re big ‘uns and they’ve been that way since high school, I think. I don’t buy the frilly bras, because A) they wouldn’t at all fit with my fashionable collection of witty t-shirts and B) I’m more of a fan of comfort than I am of pretty when it comes to something that’ll be supporting the twins on a regular basis.

I know the internet has some fancy places to get nice bras for big boobied women, like the folks at Marie Jo Bra, for instance. I browsed through their site, because HI BOOBIES ARE MADE FOR BROWSING, but couldn’t stop laughing at the thought of me in a nice ruffly pink bra. And while they do make my size, thank you very much, I think I’d be embarassed pulling that little slingshot out of the washing machine at ye ol’ Spin Cycle on a regular basis. The guy cleans it every night already hates us because we’re there so late; I don’t want him to go home and also make jokes about my boob hammock I bring in to wash every so often.

I mean, yes, it’s good to know they have different lines of Marie Jo Bras and Marie Jo Lingerie in case, you know, I ever decide to go to prom or dress up as Madonna for Halloween. There are some great options for people that are a tad (or a whole heck of a lot) more feminine than I am… just not for this slugger!

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