meet my brother

I called Travis (my younger brother by 3 1/2 years) on Friday to verify that yes, my dad knows how to text message now. (More on this later.) when I called him, he was at the Moose Lodge in Sedalia (population ~20,000) with a couple of his friends, one which is a Moose Lodge Member. You apparently have to sign in when you go to Sedalia’s Moose Club, but you can only go a certain number of times per year for free, before they start hassling you about joining. So on Friday, Travis was there under the alias of Travis Owens (or something that is most definitely not our last name). He was drinking a pitcher of beer and an amaretto sour.

I got a text message from him somewhere around 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning that contained this picture:

With a caption that said this: So I kind of bet Paul at work that I could out do his facial hair nonsense and this is what I came up with. Of course I won!

This picture and his Moose Lodge adventures? Yet another example as to why he needs his own damn blog.

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