it’s halloween planning time already

Since I’ve never had one of my very own, I don’t really have a lot of experience in picking out Childrens Costumes when Halloween rolls around every year. Even for myself, I’m pretty much last minute when it comes to picking out a costume. Example? Last year’s Kevin Federline costume complete with accessories like Jayden James tucked securely away on a Taco Bell bag. We won’t talk about drinking booze from the baby’s head as the night progressed, because that’s just wrong. I still wonder if Sean every found the headless baby body placed every so lovingly and gently in a stack of blankets on top of his bookcase.

Over the past few months with The General and The Kid, I’ve began to realize I get to start thinking about all that cool stuff without having to deal with changing any diapers or having baby puke all down the front of my shirt.

And while I’m sure there are more than enough Halloween Costume Stores out there that could provide perfectly awesome costumes for kids, I don’t think The General’s going to go for that. The Kid’s had homemade costumes in the past when he’s dressed up as Frankenstein or Dracula, and they’re almost downright creepy looking! He and I haven’t had a discussion yet about what he wants to be, but I’m kind of excited to see what he’s been thinking about!

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  1. My mother, fortunately, is homemade EASY costume queen, so I may have a couple of ideas for you! One year, we did a “Scooby Doo” costume – consisted of one brown sweat suit (Shirt with hood) and one extra brown sweat shirt to go with, plus tacky glue and some black felt and a wire coat hanger. use the extra brown sweat shirt to cut ears and tail out of, glue cut out black spots onto the brown sweat suit, and use pins to hold ears on sweat shirt hood. It’s really easy, looks great, kept my kid warm! :) Second idea is harder, but still cool: MUMMY! Consists of plain muslim (here $1.49/yard – need about 2 yards (depending on kid’s size) and one off white/grey/light tan sweat suit. Tear muslim into 1/2″ strips (approx) and sew or glue around the legs and top of the sweat suit, take and roll kid in dirt to have that authentic ‘dirty’ look or throw hot cocoa mix (NOT MADE UP!) onto the kid for more stained look, and better smell (!!!) and then the night of halloween, wrap muslin strips around kid’s hands and head for extra mummy affect.
    Have fun and enjoy Halloween!!!

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