back at the townhouse

The General and I went to the Townhouse last night. We decided on the way there that we hadn’t been there for just about two months. The last time we were there, I vowed that I didn’t want to go back for a while on account of two people (both of which we met for the first time that night) were total asses (to put it lightly) and I didn’t really want to hang out with people that in my free time.

We went back last night for a drag show that we both love, and had a great time. There ended up being a ton of people there that I know, and we got to see two of my most favorite performers ever. A co-worker of mine was there – he asked me on Friday what I was doing Saturday night and it just so happened that we both had plans to go to the same bar. So, it was super fun to hang out with him for a limited amount of time outside of work.

Someone I’d briefly been talking to before The General and I got together ended up being there and sitting in the table next to us. It was kind of awesome to finally meet face to face. And my old recruiter ended up showing up with her entourage. Of course Jessie was there, which always makes for an awesome night.

It was great to go back without the drama that was there last time. There’s a show there I want to see next Friday, but we have The Kid. If I can come up with a fake ID, I’m totally taking him with me.

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