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I’m the kind of person that doesn’t answer my cell phone unless I know who’s calling me. If I’m anywhere near a computer, I automatically type in whatever number is scrolling across my phone display in some type of search to find out who’s on the other end. Granted, I usually don’t have a lot of success when it comes to individual cell phone number, but it was kind of handy yesterday afternoon. A number came across and I plugged it in to my favorite reverse phone search tool. Turns out it was Comcast, so I answered, because I knew I’d just paid my bill in full that morning.

Comcast Lady: “May I speak to Wendy?”

Wendy: “This is.”

Comcast Lady: “This is Lady calling from Comcast.”

Wendy: “Yes?”

Comcast Lady: “I was just calling about your bill. (Short pause.) The one you paid in full this morning?”

Wendy: “Yes?”

Comcast Lady: “I just wanted to call (even longer pause) and thank you for paying it?”

Wendy: “Yes?”

Comcast Lady: “Okay. Have a good day.” (Honest to goodness real conversation, yo.)

If it weren’t for the internet, I totally wouldn’t have answered the phone. And had I not answered the phone, our cable totally would have gotten turned off! And then? I couldn’t have watched “From Gs to Gents” this morning and sang along to the theme song. It’s possible I was still intoxicated.

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