labels for safety!

Just about the only thing I miss about school, aside from having zero responsiblities and it being socially okay for me to wear my Dennis Rodman jersey on a regular basis, is getting all the awesome new school supplies right before school starts. I miss getting the new notebooks and new folders that I’d eventually decorate with about 3108 different stylings of my first name, a bunch of stars, and the occasional sketch of a basketball hoop.

This year, I get to live vicariously through The Kid (who belongs to The General) when we go school supply shopping. I printed out his school supply list the other day at work and holy crap – it’s not that much different then mine. They still need glue sticks, pencils, a box of tissues, and a notebook for every subject. I figured there’d be some new contraption that 5th graders these days would absolutely have to have or they’d never be able to move on to 6th grade. But that apparently is not the case.

I suppose we could always buy doubles of everything he needs and use something like the DYMO Labelmaker to differientiate between my stuff and his. I would hate to grab his Composition notebook that talks about World History and have him wind up taking mine to school only to reveal a bunch of scribblings about the people I run into or the 670 different intros I’ve written to my autobiography. If that wouldn’t send his grades plummeting and throw his butt in detention, I don’t know what would.

So maybe that Labelmaker’s a good idea after all…

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  1. Chaely

    My grandma found a label maker at a garage sale and gave it to my sister and I once upon a time. It probably could have been way more useful than we thought, but we still got hours of enjoyment out of putting stuff like “Captain Butthole” on our step-brother’s bedroom door or “DO NOT EAT” on our hamster tanks.

    In fact, I wonder where that thing is now…

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