dirty ol’ scab

I took Riley to the vet on Friday. He’s had some weird scab on the inside of his right thigh since sometime before Memorial Day and it hasn’t shown any sign of clearing up at all. I’m pretty sure if anyone – human or otherwise – has a scab that sits around for that long, they should probably get it looked into. And, plus, he’s a spoiled little puppy and say things like, “Hey, this scab hurts, woman!”

His favorite doctor was there and looked him over. She tried to scrape some of the scab off onto a slide, so she could check things out under the microscope. Turns out, she could only get blood and that wasn’t too helpful in determining what was going on just by magnifying it eleventy billioin times. Since he’s a boxer and boxers are prone to neat things like mast cell tumors, she wanted me to be aware. And, yes, when someone says “tumors” and “Riley” in the same sentence, it kinda makes me throw up. It could also end up being just some inflammation of allergies, etc.

The doctor gave us some super strength ointment of some sort and some instructions to come back in two weeks if things haven’t gotten any better. After just a few days of using the medicine, the spot’s starting to decrease in size and look a whole hell of a lot less menacing. I’m not considering him out of the woods just yet, but at least it’s a good sign.

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  1. Poor Riley! We saw a boxer puppy at the pet store tonight, and Rose and I both had the same though—he could be Riley’s little friend! So cute. I hope the mystery scab goes away for good.

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