mexico taunts me

I’m pretty much jonesin’ for the ocean right about now. My last vacation was in January, and it’s going to be October before I even have any vacation time to use. Thank you, internet, for providing me with places to dream about and taunt myself with until I’ve got something else that involves driving more than two hours to fill my vacation time with.

After Jenni and Matt got back from their extended weekend in Mexico, I’ve been considering something like that — a few days in a tourist-type area, within walking distance to the beach, and lots of rum within easy access. Something like rocky point rentals would probably work just fine.

Some of the pictures of the rocky point condos involve a back porch so close to the ocean that I’d be scared of sleeping walking right in. If that’s the biggest fear in my vacation, I’d say it’s an awesome one.

An added bonus? The rocky point houses website gives driving directions from Arizona. For some deranged reason, the idea of driving through remote Mexico to get to a resort is extremely appealing. Until I think of that movie with Brad Pitt’s nanny takes his kids across the border and then they end up lost — was that Babel?

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