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The General and I went to go see The Dark Knight tonight. I wanted to see it last weekend, but I also didn’t want to end up punching myself in the face repeatedly by trying to fight crowds like that. Another advantage of working downtown is the most awesome convenience of being able to walk a few blocks to the theater after work and not have to deal with parking!

The movie? Fantastic. So fantastic. Heath Ledger, just like every site on the internet has said already, was amazing. After his first scene, I leaned over to The General and was pretty much speechless; all I could mumble out was “Holy crap. He’s amazing.” or something equally as lame. There wasn’t a single part about the movie I didn’t like. While I’d heard from several people that it was about 30 minutes too long, I didn’t think so at all. Most 2.5 hour movies tend to make me restless, but the only squirming around I did was when I couldn’t wait to see what was next or when the asshole thug that smelled like cheap booze had to walk in front of us at least a half dozen times.

Sadly, my scene got cut.

taken by jenni

Jenni took this picture of me last July when they were filming The Dark Knight while we were in Chicago. Matt, Jenni, Bill, and I were wondering around downtown Chicago and noticed production vans all over the place with signs talking about RFK/Rory’s First Kiss. A production assistant kicked us off the set and told us we should google Rory’s First Kiss since none of us knew what it was, but what that douchebag production assistant didn’t know is that the security guard a block down had already told us they were filming the new Batman movie.

There goes my plans for royalties and getting rich off DVD sales.

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  1. willis

    haha, remember I did google it on my phone right on the spot and the first result was a blog post indicating that RFK was the name they were using for the batman. haha

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