i ain’t pushin’ nothing up!

When I got home from the Lynx game tonight (courtesy of Erica), I had a vision. Not necessarily a Vision of Love (yes, that is a Mariah Carey reference), but more of a vision of me actually updating this God-fearin’ thing I call a blog every day this month. I figure since my Dear Ol’ ‘Cuz is doing it, I should do it too.

But then I got home, made dinner, and had no desire to move from the couch where The General™ (self-appointed nickname, which is short for General BabyArm) took up one end working on a job hunt from the Mac laptop that I am jealous of and I managed to lay across the whole thing while I digested the carrots we bought last night and watched last night’s episode of American Gladiators.

I kept falling asleep during Hang Tough and didn’t feel like I’d be giving Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali all that much respect by sleeping during the ELIMINATOR. I whined about not having anything to post about, but wouldn’t you know I’ve managed to ramble on for three whole paragraphs, which I fully believe constitutes a post.

Now it’s a quarter after 11 and The General™ is trying to get me to do a push up. I think it’s bed time.

What's up?