a busted hard drive and a busted gut

I promise I always think about posting, but obviously that’s about as far as it gets.

My external hard drive is having some issues. My computer will intermittently recognize that it’s plugged in to my USB slot, but even when it knows it’s there, I can’t access it. Normally, I wouldn’t care, except guess what’s on said external hard drive? All of my music, anything I’ve ever written, and most importantly? Every last one of the digital pictures I’ve taken since 1998. I got a quote today (yes, while at Pride) for $70/hour, which wouldn’t be that big of a deal except the lady said it could also take up to 24 hours. Hi, no. Any suggestions from you fine folks? Greatly appreciated.

Also, I’ve been sick. There were three days two weeks ago where I had a fever over 101 every night when I came home. I kept drugged up on cold medicine while at work, which seemed to work. Almost immediately after the fevers stopped happening, I began having huge issues with absolutely everything I’ve tried to eat – so, that kinda sucked a lot and I’m pretty sure my stomach is the size of pea at this point. I’m slowly introducing crazy things back into my diet – like, you know, SALT, for the love of God. Right now, I think I’ve got the main part of the problem narrowed down to soda, so I haven’t had any for the last couple of days. Yay.

Today was Pride and I have some pictures, but they’re on my camera, so it might be another six days before you get to see those beauties.

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