i like telling time

Thanks to the influence my little brother has on me, I go into these phases of thinking I need four or five watches at a time. They all have to be silver and they all have to have large faces. If I’m wearin’ a watch, I want people to know I’m wearing a watch. My current watch has a robot on it and the seconds race around the face in digital format. It’s fantastic, and it keeps both an 11 year old entertained, as well as a grown man I was interviewing today.

With my month long status of being, well, employed, I’ve started to realize I need some new things – a watch being one of them. Right now, I’m kinda in love with Seiko watches for no other reason then they’re just silver and shiny. Well, the fact that they’re made out of stainless steel and even their simplest designs (this one’s totally my favorite) look pretty dang fly also have convinced me I need one.

The other day, I left my watch at home and was just wearing a wristband. I can’t tell you how many times I glanced down trying to see what time it was from the naked mudflap girl that was on my wrist instead of my watch.

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