marketing to the nascar fans

Some time ago, I posted about lifelock and all the lessons it’s been teaching the world about fraud and identity theft. Since then, they’ve been in the news about several things, including someone taking out a payday loan while using the CEO’s social security number. I tried not to laugh, but c’mon, that’s funny stuff and the dude was asking for it!

I was thumbing through their press release page this morning, and it appears they’ve taken a few steps at getting their name out in the public eye a little differently. They’re taking the NASCAR sponsorship route. So far they’ve agreed to sponsor Sprint Cup Series races at Chicago and at the Michigan International Speedway. I don’t think you’ve actually made it in the NASCAR circuit until you’re sponsoring a car, but this is getting pretty close.

Also, they’re hiring now. If you’re hired and manage to give them a spectacular quote about your time as a Lifelock employee, it looks like they’ll jump at the opportunity to put your mug on their website… in Flash format even.

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