I spent six and a half months unemployed. It was pretty scary most of the time, and since I don’t have a credit card with every single bank in the world, it kinda got touch and go right before I got my first paycheck from my current employer – which totally needs a nickname right about now. I’m pretty happy I didn’t go full force into charging everything I wanted while I was jobless. I can only imagine the giant mess I’d be in right now.

As it is, I owe the IRS quite a bit of money, but that’s what payments are for and that’s what happens when you cash our your retirement plan to go on a Caribbean Cruise. (Yes, I did that to some degree. No, I don’t need your lecturing on how I shouldn’t have!)

But you know what? I’d highly recommend sticking with just one credit card, and call it the emergency one. And just use it for emergencies. Emergencies like ordering pizza and a new hoodie from Old Navy are not emergencies, and this is advice from my 22 year old credit card using self.

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  1. Chaely

    It’s a shame more people CANT be trusted with a credit card, becasue I totally agree that everyone (in theory) should have one in case their car bursts into flames or their teeth suddenly fall out.
    I use mine for gas (just so it doesn’t become inactive or throw a red flag when I actually DO use it) but other than that it’s for vacations & disasters. I’m so glad, too, because I had $2000 in car repairs during my “slow season” at work and I would have been walking 20 miles to work & back in the snow if I didn’t have that Visa.

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