hosting research

I’ve been in the process of completely moving all of the sites I own from one webhost to another for the past 2 months. I just realized this morning, when I got the invoice for June’s hosting, that I still haven’t finished it yet. It’s absolutely something I have to get done this week, or I’m gonna be mad at myself.

Switching hosts wasn’t because my current host was bad; I just did it because I wanted to save some money and also get some more space/bandwidth. I didn’t do as much due diligence as I should have, which basically means I didn’t read any web hosting articles or reviews or anything. That probably explains why the customer service at my current host is about as effective at solving my hosting issues as rock might be.

And while hopefully there won’t be a next time when it comes to switching hosts, or at least not anytime soon, I can guarantee there will be some more web hosting research done before I make any big moves.

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