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I forget I have this blog. No, really. I’m too wrapped up in so many levels of awesome that it’s the last thing on my mind. Pretty sure that’s the first time since 1999 that I haven’t been walking around going “Hey! I should totally write about this on two dolla!”

My friends are always awesome and that certainly hasn’t changed. They’re still super incredible and they’re still the best and most supportive friends I could even imagine.

I’ve been at my new job for a month now and I absolutely love it. I go into work each day excited to be there and actually wanting to do the job. (At PLATO, I wanted to go into work and either die or punch someone in the gonads on a regular basis.) I don’t think twice about dialing the phone 60+ times, where at my old job, it was like pulling teeth to get me to do it 10 times a day. My co-workers are fantastic and it’s incredible working with people that all there because they want to be there, and not because the pay is too hard to give up. It’s seriously great.

And then I kind of accidentally started dating someone 2.5 weeks ago and then we kind of accidentally became crazy about each other. And it’s just, well, it’s just not like me to get this schmoopy so quickly, and any of you who have known me for any time at all can attest to that. Every time we’re together and everywhere we go and every thing we do, everything just feels RIGHT. It’s effortless and natural, and nothing has ever once felt forced or uncomfortable. It’s completely ridiculous. There’s an extra toothbrush in my bathroom and there’s even coffee in my apartment now – that’s how serious this is, guys!

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