twitter updates for 2008-05-30

  • I am dead tired. And we didn’t even stay up doin it all night. #
  • Gine Hole just stormed out pissed off and I may have only been partially responsible for it. #
  • My favorite coworker talks about brunch and Doomtree. I love her a lot. #
  • @amelia23 Noooooooooo!!!!! #
  • I kinda love that I have to double check texts just to make sure its going to a specific person and not but of Twitter. #
  • I wish my work bathroom was like the one at First Ave so the entire warehouse district could see my bare ass right now. #
  • Gine Hole is a giant crybaby today and I would like to kick her in the neck. Except I have on fancy shoes, so I can’t. #

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