he’s always up to no good

Riley has a new best friend, I’m pretty sure. His name’s Kentucky, and he’s pretty much the second most adorable boxer in the entire world. And tonight, Riley and Kentucky discovered something they have in common: running through a swamp as the sun sets. Post-dog park tonight required a bath, which turned into a shower, because he was that caked in mud and quite possibly poop, because that swamp smells like a damn sewer.

Riley’s always been super lazy at the dog park. We’ll go and he’ll spend his time there just sniffing everything. He’s not really a fan of the running or playing or doing anything else that normal dogs do. The last two times we’ve went, I’ve given him dinner before we go and holy crap, it’s like a whole different dog!

Tonight, he skipped over peeing on all the other dogs, and just humped the standard poodle. Then, of course, he stood perfectly still while the Blue Heeler Mix humped him at least a dozen times. I finally had to put an end to all the humping when he kept trying to chew his ding-ding off every time he got more than just a little excited.

Goofy ol’ dog.

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