my gift to you

If you’re ever job hunting, I’m gonna give you some tips:

  1. Get a new email address. Nobody wants to see the email address and then find out it belongs to a 42 year old man.
  2. Don’t be an asshole when you’re calling to ask about a job. Rest assured, the place you’re calling has caller ID and will let everyone know how big of a douche you were on the phone.
  3. Let’s say you’re running late. Just call and let someone know; they’ll probably be more than happy to reschedule. But if you just don’t show up? Man, you’re hosed next time you think you might want to work there.

And not so much a job tip, but a What the Hell type of thing? Between 1pm and 6pm today, I had four voicemails with places wanting to interview me. Where the hell were they two weeks ago? I’m sure they all pay better then what I’m doing now, but dammit, I’m committed now!

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