he’s a pretty pretty flower

I’m stopped watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition, because it makes me cry and I don’t really like sitting on the couch by myself on a Sunday night crying about some show that involves Ty Pennington giving some very worthy family a brand new house fit for an episode of Cribs. But you know what I can get down with? A contest that involves a teenage boy wearing a flower costume just so he can help his family win a $20,000 home makeover with Tayna Memme. You can go vote for your favorite submissions through June 7.

I really hope a good portion of that $20,000 prize money is gonna be handed right on over to this kid, to not only buy a new bedspread, but maybe buy back some dignity for being a flower that all the internet can see.

There are ten total submissions in the contest’s semi-finalist gallery and, yes, I went through all ten before casting my vote for this kid. Granted, it was kind of hard not to vote for the little 2 year old that was reciting a poem her parents had clearly written, especially when she got to the part about having triplet babies. I think the twenty grant would have just went for a year’s worth of diapers, though, instead of to redo their home, or quite possibly pay for the 2 year old’s future therapy bills.

I need to get my butt in Hydroponic Suppliess gear and figure out some video editing software I can use, only so I can enter contests like these!

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