$41 richer and less dusting to do

Back when I worked part-time at Best Buy, I’d head over every Tuesday on my lunch break to the closest Best Buy store and buy all the new releases, and whatever other movies I thought I needed that week. The end result? Over 400 DVDs. Know how many of them haven’t ever been opened? Probably over 100.

I took some of them, along with some CDs I found laying around, into Half Price Books today to sell them. I wasn’t using them, and they were just taking up room. I walked out with $41, which in the grand scheme of thing, isn’t really that much. But it was pretty awesome to get rid of stuff that I’m not using and don’t need.

I’m probably gonna end up taking the rest of it somewhere, too. Clearly if I’ve had a DVD for 3+ years (that’s how long it’s been since I quit Best Buy) and I haven’t ever opened it, I really don’t have a need for it.

Even if that does mean getting rid of things like the first season of the Osbournes and a copy of the movie Murderball. I don’t even know why I bought those!

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  1. dude, i totally have a copy of ‘murderball.’ it’s awesome. you can borrow it, whenever you do get around to wanting to watch a movie about wheelchair rugby.

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