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The thing about working? I get way behind on my TV programs and my internet reading.

Between last night and this morning, I got caught up on the following shows:

  • Supernanny: I can’t help watching that show. I want to have a kid just so Jo Frost can teach me how to raise it.
  • Top Chef: Finally an episode where I understand half the things being cooked… probably because there were kids in the kitchen this time around. My favorite already got the boot, so I’m trying to pick a new one, which is kinda hard. If I had to pick by hair, it’d totally be Richard Blaise.
  • Survivor: Can anyone else possibly be blindsided this season? I really do love this season, even if two of my favorites are sitting on the jury.
  • Lost: I started this show at the beginning and now I feel like I just can’t give up on it.
  • I Know My Kid’s a Star: I’m so glad someone decided Danny Bonaduce needed a job. Without him, this show would just be a bunch of seriously crazy moms and their kids that aren’t ever gonna be stars despite what they think.
  • 30 Rock: Jack Donaghy as part of Homeland Security? Yes, please. I don’t think Tina Fey could have possibly put together a better cast of people. Favorite scene this week? Jack’s assistant singing a Sarah McLachlan song to him as he gets on the elevator.
  • The Office: I’m so glad I got sucked into watching this show. I love the whole cast so much. Stanley was on a morning radio show earlier this week, and it made this week’s episode even funnier.

What do we learn from this? That I should probably slow down on the amount of TV I’m watching.

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