not the best daughter award

I’m pretty much the best daughter on Earth, because I never send any cards to my parents ever, and if I do, they’re never on time. It was absolutely no surprise to me when I noticed on my calendar that Mother’s Day was less than a week away. I, sadly, am not doing anything for my mom, except existing, which is pretty monumental in its own right. I’ll probably call and be all HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY and that’s about it. (Sorry to ruin the surprise, Mom.)

But you know what you can do to make up for my lack of gift-giving to the woman that had to clean up my vomit and put up with my entirely ridiculous attitude problems from age 8-18? Sent some mother’s day flowers or a card or some balloons or really anything, because you know your ma’s gonna like it.

P.S. I totally came home on my lunch break, had a turkey sandwich, and had time to blog! WIN AGAIN for the new job!

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  1. Mom

    The Best Mother’s Day gift for me is still YOU & TRAVIS!! I could not ask for anything better!!

    You are THE BEST Daughter :)

    Love Ya,

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