tricked out escape

Jenni’s been talking about a Lowrider Parade that’s happening in St. Paul this weekend. Her fondness of cars is beginning to remind me of my little brother. When we were kids and stuck in the car on various long road trips, he’d have to talk my ear off about his car and truck magazines – how the paint job on this truck was stupid, or how the rims on some foreign sports car was way awesome. I usually replied with “I don’t care”, but that didn’t stop him from sharing his opinions on every single Mustang 5.0 with flames painted down the side that he saw. And in the early 90s, that was kind of a lot.

I’m kind of glad I moved away right around the time he graduated from college and moved back to our hometown so I didn’t have to see websites full of wheel and tire packages, especially considering how bored out of my skull I was with his black and white magazine pictures. Here’s the thing, though – a website like Wheelfire may have garnered more of my interest!

I just customized my car with 22″ inch rims, and even though buying a set of tires and wheels would cost more than what the Dead Hooker is actually worth, it’s fun to dream about my car looking like, well, the fanciest 2001 Ford Escape XLS in all of Minneapolis. While silver or chrome is more up my alley, I can’t help but think I’d be looking mighty awesome cruising down the streets in the summer with some gold plated wheels.

I gotta send this link to my little bro, so he can live the bad ass wheel dream with me. Or replace his collection of adult-themed entertainment with pictures of wheels… which sounds about right for him.

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