nice work, abdul

I had to watch American Idol tonight before I went to bed – mainly for curiosity, but also just in case one of my new co-workers wanted to talk about it. I didn’t want to be the new girl that was completely in the dark.

It was a weird format, compared to other years when the performers would sing two songs. This time, they let all five remaining wannabe-idols do their thing before going quickly down the line of three judges to hear their results. Paula was drunk and/or stupid, OR American Idol is completely rigged. I have yet to figure out which the case might be, but here’s what I’m basing my evidence on:

What the eff, Paula?

Regardless of whatever prompted the above situation, I swear to God I’m not watching it anymore if Brooke White doesn’t have the lowest number of votes after her craptacular performances tonight. I listened to maybe the first four bars of each song before I fast forwarded right to the end. I have no idea how I’d watch that damn show if it weren’t for the beauty that is my Tivo.

Now I have to go to bed angry about American Idol. There better be something good on TV that puts me to sleep quickly or I’m gonna be dragging as at the new (and permanent) gig.

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