best gift ideas ever

If I turned the oven on more than once a week for reasons other than making frozen pizza or one of my cousin’s calzones, the first thing I’d do is make cupcakes. Jenni made some a week or so ago that were so awesome I almost died, and that was after she’d made some prior to that with FROSTING IN THE MIDDLE. I know. It blew my mind, too.

Know what else blows my mind? The individual cupcake holder. But considering one of the aforementioned desserts had mocha buttercream frosting with a cherry on top, these are vital in the successful transportation of fancy pants cupcakes! I know Gladware is absolutely sufficient for something like this, but now that I’m back at work, I totally want to make cupcakes from a box and bring one in something like this. I’ll make friends instantly if I bring my co-workers their own cupcakes; I’m sure of it.

The same website that has cupcake holders also has margarita glasses that hold 1/4 gallon of your favorite tequila-based drink. And I’m pretty sure there’s where I’m getting the next four years worth of gift ideas.

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