twitter updates for 2008-04-28

  • @rickmcmillin You’d only need to worry if it were a White Sox hat, I think! #
  • Packed my lunch for work tomorrow. Without ziploc bags. Glad I "think outside the box", as I told these folks in my interview. #
  • I think this work thing might be overrated. At least getting up this early is anyway. #
  • Well that commute took 30 minutes less than expected. And I’m reminded how much morning radio sucks. #
  • I can’t figure out how to make my phone not beep after sending a text message which is frowned upon while in training. #
  • My manager just took me out to lunch. I forgot to mention to her that I’m quitting tomorrow. #
  • @billhelm Yep! #
  • @swirlspice yep! 2nd offer came after I alreary accepted this one and starts 2 days later! confused yet? #
  • I have now visited every floor’s bathroom because I am that bored. But at least I’m getting paid. #
  • @fontosaurus it’s building 21! #
  • It felt pretty good to be a grown up today! #

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