upcoming attractions

Sure, right about the time I get a job is when I have five bagillion things going on this week, but they’re all very good, I might add.

    Sunday: Rick gets to Minneapolis (or at least a suburb).

    Monday: WORK!!!1111one

    Tuesday: WORK! (less exciting then the first day and also the last day at this job), an interview for a different job, and a Twins game with Rick, Jenni, and Matt.

    Wednesday: First day at new job! Something yet to be determined with Rick!

    Thursday: Second day at new job! Another something possible yet undetermined with Rick!

    Friday: Work, Brooke and the kids coming into town!

And the weekend will be full of getting caught up on dishes and laundry and cleaning and all those things people with jobs do on the weekend!

Man, it kinda feels good to be back in grownup land again.

(P.S. Version 2.5.1 of WordPress makes me want to completely scream. It saves my draft every FIVE SECONDS. Thanks, but it’s more irritating than helpful!


  1. Who is this Rick of whom you speak? Please tell me that Rick is ready to Rickroll. Meanwhile, have a great first and second and first day at work this week!

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