twitter updates for 2008-04-26

  • 612 trivia: The same dude owns Sneaky Pete’s, Dreamgirls, Deja Vu, and now the Gay 90s. He’s totally my hero. #
  • Has anyone seen Matt’s car? #
  • Know what the perfect halftime break is from darts? Dancing the Cupid Shuffle. #
  • Beginagain’s in Saint Louis Park? You have just been Rickrolled. You’re welcome. #
  • ALSO. Jenni and I stole 2 shots that were just sitting on the bar unattended. We win. #
  • I had to clean the snow off Matt’s car with my coat sleeve. IN THE MIDDLE OF APRIL. #
  • Just had a 10 minute discussion with my dad about Tyra Banks. #
  • @rmcdonou Please take Joe Mauer with you! And if I had to guess, probably Morneau, too. Just sayin’. #
  • @best_day_ever I did the same thing! Except replace baking with reorganizing things and calling my grandma! #
  • @best_day_ever it was probably the shots we stole. we totally drank semen. and that’s how we got knocked up. hello, everyone! #
  • I always thinking fighting with my dog is a good idea. And then he makes me bleed and/or bruises me and I realize not so much a good idea. #

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