a little change on the job front

Now that I’ve told my grandma about this, I can tell the internet:

Things have taken a bit of a dramatic turn on the employment front since we talked just a few days ago. The CEO interview I mentioned the other day apparently kicked pretty good ass, because they offered me a job today. After comparing the two offers side-by-side, the new and improved offer seemed to be a much better fit:

  • 4 miles from my apartment
  • office location in downtown Minneapolis with free parking
  • an ample amount of vacation/holiday time
  • better benefits
  • a career that I really want to get into

I weighed pros and cons for a while, but the fact that this is a field that’s pretty much a perfect fit for me and these folks are letting me in the door without one damn bit of experience in this particular industry is what sealed the deal.

Income-wise is gonna suck for a while. For the first time, I’m taking a job because it’s where I want to be and not strictly on the salary. Due to my gross lack of experience, they’re able to get by with starting me on the lowest end of the salary scale. Can’t say I blame ’em, but there may be some adjusting around these necks of the woods.

New start date: April 30. (I’m still working two days at the other job, because when unemployment runs out, you probably much do what you can to make a few bucks, my friends!)

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