we should go to chicago soon

I love Chicago, and since I’m forced by my status as a Twins fan to hate the White Sox, the Cubs are my default Chicago-related team. And honestly, even if it weren’t for the Sox being giant douches, I’d still love the Cubs. I’ve been to Wrigley Field three times, twice for games and once just to walk around the neighborhood. It’s definitely a place I want to continue going back to time and time again.

Last summer, Willis, Matt, Jenni, and I went to Chicago and Milwaukee for a baseball-themed weekend. It wasn’t until today that I realized I never even wrote about it. In any case, we went to a day game at Wrigley and it was probably one of the best days of the summer.

Once we took the train (or maybe it was the bus?) into the neighborhood, we had to go Cubs-gear shopping. We didn’t want to look like complete tourists in our very top row seats, so it was imperative we secure some official Chicago Cubs garb. As soon as we were appropriately attired to be Cubs Fans for the Day™, we found a bar where we proceeded to have drinks even though it was before noon. It was the right thing to do! And it’s also where we found out how wonderful of a drink Sparks is. Sigh.

I think Sunday, when the Cubs play at home, I’m going to sit on my couch, drink the lone Sparks I have left in my ‘fridge, and go shopping at CubWorld.com, since they seem to have a ton of Wrigley Field branded things that I absolutely need. It’ll be almost like I’m in Chicago. Except not at all.

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