todd davis, you ol’ dog

I can’t remember if it’s been on billboards or the sides of trucks or if it was just an actual TV commercial, but you know Todd Davis and his social security number of 457-55-5462? It’s that whole LifeLock Identity thing, and since he’s the CEO, he’s so confident about people not stealing his identity since he subscribes to LifeLock that he’s giving out his SSN to the whole wide world.

I get the concept of the whole life lock thing and can definitely see how it’d be beneficial to most people. It actually does come cool things like get rid of all those stupid pre-approved credit card things you get in the mail. My brother uses the actual cards that they send as Bondo scrapers when he’s working on his bitchin’ Camaro, but I think this might be a little more effective.

I just got three PRE-APPROVED envelopes in my mailbox today. I only check my mail about once a week, but three’s a lot, especially for someone that has ONE credit card and that’s it. Where, in my credit report, does it say that I’m a wise decision as a credit card customer? Right around the JC Penney card I had ten years ago? I’m a cash or nothing kinda kid nowadays, fellas!

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