last sunrise i see for a while

Since I’m usually asleep at 3:30 in the morning, I never really notice that from my living room, you can hear the traffic on the freeway that’s several blocks away. And while I know it’s spring and all that jazz, I didn’t realize that birds were awake this time of morning, having what seems to be a very animated conversation. What the hell can possibly be that important right now?

This is the last night/morning I get to go to bed whenever the hell I want during the week and then wake up whenever I damn well feel like it after a good night’s/morning’s sleep. That’s kind of exciting now that I think about it. I might actually have to fire up the ol’ alarm clock for the first time since October.

I’m sure I’ll be very nervous and agitated some Sunday night, but for now, I’m really excited to go to bed at normal people hours and wake up when the majority of the world is waking up, too. It’ll be kind of fun to find out what things are like in my neighborhood during standard Time to Go to Work hours!

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