failed entrepreneurs

MNSpeak, a local (I want to use an adjective, but I can’t figure out which one is most appropriate) blog, linked to a story on our local CBS affiliate, WCCO, with this headline: Cops: Eagan Couple Uses Craigslist For ID Theft. I know, it’s so scandalous! They probably lived in my old apartment building. Because I had some free time, I decided to do a little looking into it these folks to see if they were, in fact, my neighbors!

The short version of the story? A guy (Eric Thorsen’s MySpace) and a girl (Amy Bergquist’s MySpace) were placing ads on Craigslist, in what I’m guessing was the Casual Encounter section, (probably don’t click on that if you’re at work) looking to meet up with people to do the nasty. One of the two would cause a distraction while the other one would steal credit card info, IDs, etc. Six stunts like this later, and they finally got caught.

Except for the whole getting caught thing, these guys had a pretty good gig going! When Eric lists his salary on the ‘Space as $250,000 and Higher, he was probably serious. Through my mad Google skills and Amy’s awesome username of delectibledreamz , I found a lot more information (including pictures I did NOT want to see) on a lovely little site called Adult FriendFinder.

They do speak Chinese, though, in case that’s a turn-on. And if you ask them what Hollywood star they fantasize about, they can’t answer, simply because “arrogance tends to detract from the fantasy”.

Too much CSI: Miami for me. It’s time to go back to work indeed.

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