i like saving the date

If you were the lucky winner of one of my very fine Christmas cards, featuring three adorable pictures of fat Riley and yours truly, then you have to admit they were pretty decent quality, no? I ordered them from Vista Printing, mainly because they were the cheapest I could find. I was more than happy with the way turned out and will probably find something I love for them for next year’s holiday card buying season.

You know what they also have? Customizable car magnets. I hate those freakin’ Save Everything in the World magnets so bad that sometimes I want to take them off and put them on another car. Not that I have ever in my life done that or thought about actually doing it, but MAN WOULD IT BE FUNNY.

They also have some oddly adorable save the date magnets, which means I’ll be sending them to every last single one of you just as soon as I announce my wedding date. And my engagement. And the fact that I’m even seeing anyone.

I kind of want to customize one of those puppies to have birthdays of all my important people on it. I have them on my Google calendar, but sometimes they sneak on me and I forget to buy a card. When I was unpacking boxes at my new apartment, I found two cards that I’d bought, signed, and sealed back in October 2006. So, I mailed the stupid things. So what if they were birthday cards! Nothing says surprise like a birthday card 18 months after the fact!

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