twitter updates for 2008-04-22

  • Walking 5 miles after getting a job offer? I’m still jacked up about it. Now if the other 3 that could happen would happen? Holy awesome. #
  • @best_day_ever @billhelm oh so sorry, guys, but it’s not storming at all here. i’m going for a job in my sports bra until it does! #
  • um, i meant jog. #
  • I have an official start day of 4/28. Hooray! Now I have to remember how to get up and out of the door that early in the morning. #
  • @best_day_ever thankfully metroblogging is around to fill their 15% of the local blogging bitterness quota. #
  • I’m waiting to pee in a cup. The lady before me is getting a paternity test for her baby. #
  • After an hour of holding it, you’re damn right I fill that tiny cup full of my clean urine. #
  • 2 more last round interviews tomorrow, including the one with the CEO. May get to pick between different job offers! #
  • What is it that makes me unable to turn the channel when Rachel Ray is on? #

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