i’m gonna pack my lunch!

It is official; I will join the working masses, dressed in business casual clothing on Monday the 28th. This clearly means I need to buy some more black socks. This is all, of course, pending the outcome of a drug test, but since the last time I freebased crack cocaine was four months ago, I think I’ll be safe.

The gig is in St. Paul, which means it’s almost a FIFTEEN MILE commute. It’s not really that big of a deal, because if I was still working at my former shithole employer, it’d be the same distance.

I still have my eye on a job that’s four miles away and a couple more pending through various recruiters. This is an income, which I kind of need right now, considering my last unemployment check will hit my bank account tomorrow. And it can’t be extended because of President Douche’s Economic Stimulus Plan. Enjoy those $600 checks! I had to go and get a damn job because of that little gift!


  1. Boo! i was hoping you would guide me through the choppy unemployed waters, but no, no you had to go and get a job.

    Hrmph! I hope keeping a roof over your head and feeding your dog is worth it. Congrats, I guess.

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