and i’d steal a monkey

For almost 30 years, I didn’t really have any desire at all to leave the country. Sure, it’d beautiful everywhere and sure, it’s cool to see it on TV, but I really had no desire to leave the continental U.S. And then the cruise of 2007 happened and I want to go everywhere.

Granted, this whole unemployment thing has me kind of strapped for a travel budget, but then I’ll get an email from various travel-related websites letting me know about these fabulous specials they have going on where I could visit every country in the entire world for approximately $12.95. That’s kinda hard to turn down!

If flights to South Africa weren’t so ridiculously out of my budget right now, I’d have a couple drinks with Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela before I start back to work next week. And even though it may have the world’s highest crime rate for rape and second highest crime rate for murder, it’d still be worth the trip! Honestly, if I were going to South Africa, I think you’d find me taking the safari circuit, hanging out with some hippos or wild monkeys.

I should probably not get ahead of myself and start planning safaris in other countries before I even have a nice, shiny paycheck to deposit in my bank account…

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