twitter updates for 2008-04-21

  • Just got pulled over by the cops. Apparently someone thought I was stealing my own car. Seriously. #
  • @suzi109 I totally want to go to the gift show right this very second, just to make your day a little more entertaining. #
  • Pet Peeve of the Day: Phone interviewers that call late. Please just call when you say you will. And then, you know, hire me. #
  • Standing on your couch that’s in front of windows that face a busy street is ill-advised when you’re not wearing pants. Or so I hear. #
  • I kind of want to punch the girl that cut my hair on Sat. She cut off the cute wispy shit & I just noticed it! That’s what I get for $7.99. #
  • I just had an interview that made me sweat! Next step with that one? CEO, baby. #
  • I’m dancing in Jenni’s apartment by myself because I just got a job offer! #

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