i need your help. for real.

I’m in sales. I didn’t exactly want to ever be in sales, but once someone puts you in a role, I think it’s impossible to go back. So, now I’m a salesperson. Done deal.

My old boss, Mark, who was the best boss I’ve ever, ever had told me on several occasions that he knew I was a salesperson, but other people had trouble grasping on to that concept because I didn’t lack an outer “fire in the belly” attitude. He knew and I know that I have a drive that makes me want to close sales and make some commission (hell, yes!), but he thought people that didn’t really know me or maybe just hadn’t ever met me didn’t get that about me.

But now, it sucks because being “laid back” appears to be a negative in a sales interview. And the even crappier thing? I had an interview on Thursday and hit it off super well with the guy (he even told Recruiter #2 that). The only thing that he was concerned about, according to Recruiter #2, was my laid back attitude. I do not know what to do.

Those of you that have met me, you know I’m laid back, yes? How do I convey that I really, really want to get customers jacked up about what I’m selling? Do I drink 6 Red Bulls before my second interview with this place?

Do you think it’ll help if I’m all “The thing I love about sales is getting customers excited about what I’m selling!”? Or maybe if I shout my entire interview answers?

Hook a kid up with some advice. It’s not unsolicited, so I won’t get angry. Honest! (If you don’t want to comment, you can totally email me, too!)

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