almost an ‘i have a job’ post

For some reason, I didn’t hear my phone ring about 4:30ish today, and in fact, the call went straight to voicemail. I’m not entirely sure it did that come to think of it, because I definitely wasn’t on the phone. In any case, I was sitting all alone in Jenni’s apartment (that sounds so creepy that I’m not even explaining why I was doing just that) and checked my messages. Turns out it was a hiring manager from a place I interviews for last Thursday.

And it turns out said hiring manager wanted to “extend an offer” to my bright, shining star that is me. She was just “closing up shop” when she left the message and asked me to call her back tomorrow on her cell phone to discuss the details. I’ll be doing just that and, quite obviously, accepting the job.

The manager I interviewed with was pretty fantastic. She has a position in mind for me a step above the position I’ll be starting at, and that’s gotta be a good sign when you talk about that in an interview.

That’s as many details as I can share right now here; I can share more via email. I also have three more jobs where I’m still involved in the interview process and optimistic in landing any of those jobs, so there may be more updates to this in the near future.

But for now? I’m one phone call away from confirming my status as ‘no longer unemployed’.


  1. Kathy B

    Best to you (or break a leg – I’m not sure what ris appropriate here!)

    I come to you via Robin’s blog

  2. diz

    Whoo! Good luck! Glad to hear you’re a step away from leaving the unemployment line. Wish my dad would have some luck with that.

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